Ubuntu Netbook Remix 9.10 and EeePC901

22 11 2009

This is an easy install. I’m installing to my Asus EeePC 901. Download the ISO file from the Ubuntu web site then burn it to a USB, I used an SD card. Your netbook needs to be able to boot from whatever device you choose, if you have a usb CD drive you could use that. In fact I found the getting my EeePC to boot from a USB key impossible, but it would happily boot from the SD card slot.

The default install is perfectly good, but a little package tweaking was needed. I removed the games (it stops the kids wanting to steal the netbook), installed Skype, Opera, Dropbox (I am not happy with Ubuntu ONE and I need something that has a Windows client too) and Tweetdeck.

The screenshots above give a general idea of the look and feel, the terminal window has had its background turned transparent and colours set to green on black. The desktop wallpaper was changed to an image from Desktopnexus.com

I can honestly say this is a solid linux distribution and I can see this being the netbook operating system I stick with after trying out a few of the alternatives.





3 responses

26 02 2010

I’ve just been trying to install opera on my Ee 901 wth Ubuntu NR. It needs libqt-mt but won’t let me inatall it. Any ideas?

27 02 2010

Ive never had any issue installing Opera, just download the latest from their web site.

What happens when you try to install libqa-mt? how are you trying to install it?

27 02 2010

It tells me that there’s dependency issues. I downloaded the package through synaptic (libqt-dev from memory), but it still wasn’t a recent enough version.

But…. I was able to install Opera 10.0 so it’s all good.

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